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Re: Распространение этих фильмов на CD- DVD- VHS- носителях

21/09/2006 13:16

Ответ на   Распространение этих фильмов на CD- DVD- VHS- носителях

Разрешите переслать Вам с позволения Сергея Георгиевича Джуры ("Орифламма") его переписку с Даниилом Энтиным по вопросу распространения документальных фильмов о Рерихах на CD-DVD:


I just sent you a reply:
Could I ask you to please put this message on the forum, so that everyone will see it? And please add (in answer to questions that were asked) that these films were made by American followers of the Roerichs, with amateur cameras. There is no sound because that was the era of silent films, when no films, even commercial ones, had sound. Thank you.

Dear Sergey,

Please inform people that these films are edited from the original amateur films that are in our archive. They are therefore under copyright. But, as usual, we want our materials to circulate freely, without charge to anyone. I cannot give you the right to copy and distribute them, because everyone has that right. You can do it, and so can everyone. We do require, however, that all copies carry the notice that the film clips are copyrighted by Nicholas Roerich Museum, New York, and may be distributed freely, but may not be edited or sold without permission from the Museum. I know that the web site is more restrictive, but this was a mistake, and will be changed.

If you or anyone else has any further questions, please write to me again.

I would like to remind you and everyone that the entire contents of our archive is being opened to the public by electronic means. This is in accordance with wishes expressed to us by Svetoslav Roerich -- the same as the instructions he gave to the Soviet Roerich Fund when he transferred his archive to them. In his letter of gift, he clearly stated that the archive must be open to everyone. We have been scanning for years, so that all our materials can be put on the Internet. As everyone knows, thousands of photographs, drawings, and sketches, as well as images of paintings, have been on line for years, and the full texts of the Agni Yoga books, too, in various languages. In the near future, we hope to put large quantities of documentary materials on line -- we have thousands of letters, telegrams, articles, and other materials that, in time, will be available to the public.

Best wishes,

----- Original Message ----
From: Dzhura S.G.
To: director@roerich.org
Sent: Wednesday, September 20, 2006 6:09:50 AM
Subject: from Oriflame (Donetsk, Ukraine)

Dear Daniel,

Hope you are well.

I was informed about new archival films at your site.

Ther is one advice at roerich's forum about if it possible to give
somebody (for example us) the right to distribute them at CD/DVD, VHS
etc. What do you think about this metter?

Best wishes to you and your colleagues!

Yours sincerely,
Sergey Dzhura,
Ольга Денисовна Захарова

  1. Re: Распространение этих фильмов на CD- DVD- VHS- носителях - ODZ от 21/09/2006 13:16
    1. Re: Распространение этих фильмов на CD- DVD- VHS- носителях - Anonymous от 21/09/2006 20:23

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